As the road turned to stones, and all the lamps became one light
I passed him on the hill, as he descended from the heights
His face was grey with fear, but his brow, man, it was brave…
Like a boxer
Like a prophet who could only see today

He said “It’s right before our eyes….But it’s a hell of a climb…
So what would do with this place, if I were to tell you that it’s yours to frame…and there was no one else to carry the load?
Could you take on the weight?
Could you re-do this wholly cold and burnin’ room?”

“You see, I’m just a man who fell in love with everything that never was…
I’m just a man a’ ridin’ through, thinking never lost means you never lose
But now we’ve got these holy reigns
All and none to take the blame…

“I’m just a man who saw the signs, and told’em all…from behind the blinds
Am just a man, made of toys and the monsters of a little boy…
But now we’ve got these holy reigns
All and none to take the blame…

So half
“You see I’m just a man without a war, with no ideas what his hands are for
am just a man, all-said-not-done, who lay in wait for his kingdom come
But now the captain’s overboard…
So to what do we tie the cord,
“I was just a man who bought the map for the promised and the beaten path,
Was just a man pushing his broom ‘round the edges of this waiting room…
But tonight the call came through…
The ‘chosen’ now must choose…“

“And though I’m just a man, I’ll take the stand tonight….

“I’ll take it on my shoulders, tonight
I’ll get behind my boulder, tonight
Godspeed into the chaos and old night…”


from Between the Bookends, released December 24, 2013
Just a Man
Written by Michael Bolt and Kerr Smith
Lyrics by Kerr Smith
Arranged by Michael Bolt
Vocals by Kerr Smith and Michael Bolt
Instrumentation by Michael Bolt
Piano by James Spekkens
Percussion by Peter Krpan
Cello by Anissa Hart

Recorded and Produced by Michael Bolt at the Chocolate Ranch
Cello recorded at Cylinder Sound Studios with Adrian Mottram

Mastered by Sensei

Artwork by Lindsay Haig
Layout and Design by Russell Gibbs



all rights reserved


From The Bridge Hamilton, Ontario

From The Bridge is a Ontario based musical act which blends a deeply melodic guitar sound with a rare brand of lyrical introspection.
From The Bridge gets into you, permeates your senses. Each track, though separate, is seemingly linked together offering little interruption to the state to which you have been led. You find yourself aware, but drifting off to a place of similar contemplation.
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